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xDrip WiFi Kit

The xDrip WiFi Kit is a receiver which is designed to be used in fixed locations (such as in the home, office, or maybe school). The Kit contains two circuit boards (which must be soldered together), a USB power cable, and a whitish plastic box (71mm x 46mm x 19mm). The box has holes drilled for LEDs & power socket. The xDrip WiFi can be placed in any convenient location, or wall mounted if required using Velcro tape (supplied). Each xDrip WiFi constantly listens out for Dexcom G4 transmitters, and can relay the received data from up to 8 different G4 transmitters via WiFi to Android phones. One or more devices can be used simultaneously at different locations around the home to increase coverage. The device contains no battery and will need to be connected to a suitable 5v supply (USB charger / adapter).

xDrip WiFi Kit
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