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xDrip Parakeet Kit

The xDrip Parakeet Kit contains a Printed Circuit board, SIM800L 2G GSM Module, Lithium charging module, 1000mAh lithium battery, a plastic box (8.5cm x 5cm x 2cm) and a Wixel Processor / Radio module. The xDrip Parakeet Kit is totally assembled apart from the Wixel module, which you will need to solder onto the PCB header pins. Supplied with USB Charging Cable. You will also have to make holes in the box for Charging connector(s) & LEDs. Requires 2G data SIM Card...

Now supplied with larger 1000mAh battery at no extra cost!

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xDrip Parakeet Kit
Price: £65.00

Please note, stocks of this item are now limited, and production of kits will cease in the very near future...

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