xDrip Kit

I am now supplying a kit to enable anybody to build an xDrip Kit CGM Continuous Glucose Monitor Receiver for Dexcom G4. The components of the xDrip Kit are all mounted onto one central Printed Circuit Board, making the Kit much more robust in the hands of it's (sometimes younger) users. The xDrip Kit is almost totally assembled, requiring only minimal soldering skills by you (or a friend) to solder the supplied Wixel processor module onto the main Printed Circuit Board - watch the Video below to see how easy it is to complete. The xDrip Kit receives the signals directly from the Dexcom G4 transmitter and relays them via Bluetooth to an Android phone which can trigger alarms / display the data on it's own screen or on a Pebble Watch display. If remote monitoring of data is required, the Android phone can also upload the received data to the Nightscout Server. Dexcom's own G4 Receiver is NOT required, but can also be used at the same time as the xDrip Kit if required. The xDrip Kit is available with standard 800mAH battery, and a limited quantity with 1000mAH battery. A 'Parakeet' version of the xDrip kit is also available which uses a built in 2G mobile phone modem to upload instead of the built in Bluetooth module + External Android device. You will still require an Android device to receive the CGM data, but this does not now need to be near the xDrip & G4 transmitter. If you have any questions, please contact me - I don't bite ;-)

Thanks to Alistair Samuelson and Kev Winchcombe for the video

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